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Saturday, 6 October 2007

Carnival of Mathematics #18

Thanks to JD2718 for including my post 'A Sequence' in the 18th Carnival of Mathematics.

EDIT: Okay, now I'm actually reading the stuff that's up. There are so many funny ones! Did you know there's a whole blog called Rigorous Trivialities? Parallel parking in terms of Lie Groups is rather pretty, actually. Or look at this post ("and before long, you’ve learned the first few weeks’ material of a course in real analysis and all confusion has departed" ... actually, now I'm worried that might not have been a joke. Are there people for whom all confusion has departed after the first few weeks' material of a course in real analysis?).


C. L. Hanson said...

To be fair, I think he meant that the confusion about that particular question departs after a few weeks' study of real analysis. It is unfortunately replaced by whole new dimensions of confusion... ;^)

BTW, I know that guy in real life. He's a friend and colleague of my husband.

Alon Levy said...

The Lie group interpretation of parallel parking is priceless.

Next in the series: understanding politics via injective objects (white and black citizens form a divisible group).

JSE said...

Right, all I meant to say was "all confusion over what we mean when we say .99999.... = 1." As for other confusions, all I can tell you is I've had my Ph.D. for a decade and each year I'm more confused than the year before.

Lynet said...


I didn't mean to be facetious or anything -- the first few times I heard the phrase "for all epsilon, there exists delta..." just kind of had a marked effect on me. I'm grateful for the clarification! :)