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Monday, 7 January 2008


It's 6am. Rather be early this morning.
I think I'm in the wrong time zone. Last week I
well it's probably fine but I can't be sure she didn't
take it the wrong way completely. And yes I
forgot to shower yesterday and the day before I
spent the day in bed. Why didn't I
get out more? Bloody stupid! Spent too much
time on the internet. Should have called a friend.
Tense, relax. Don't try to smile.
Nothing to do but rise, and have a shower,
grab some food and take a bite
and step out hopefully. Let the world forgive
this wilted, weary woman; let me
return to reality, just a little bruised.


Unknown said...

I like the image of the "wilted, weary woman".

Lynet said...

Really? I wondered if I was overdoing that bit. Thanks for the feedback.

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, yes.

Now, on the w's, I probably would have subsituted one because you've also got "world" in the line right above.

Still, it's a great picture of Monday. Or any day of the week that feels like Monday!

(Hope you had a good holiday, btw! What are you up to now... working, school?)

L.L. Barkat said...

Oops. "Substituted." It's not Monday, but I must have internet fatigue!

Lynet said...

Yeah, I didn't notice the 'w' in 'world' (at least not consciously, anyway), but I did sort of feel like there might be too many 'w's there; it felt too 'pat'; too patterned.

I had a very good holiday, thanks. I'm still working, and still looking to start a PhD in the middle of this year. So far it looks like I'll probably have at least some options with regard to the latter, but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

L.L. Barkat said...

So I'm curious (I think I say that a lot!). What kind of work does a mathematician do? Well, more specifically, what kind of work do you do?

I've done different things. Teaching English. Graphic Design. And now Writing. The art was the most lucrative. The teaching the most stressful. And the writing... well, it doesn't pay much but I love it more than anything else I've done in the past.

Lynet said...

My apologies to the person who last posted if that wasn't actually spam -- but I bet it was.

As for your question, LL (and sorry I'm so late answering), the job I have at the moment doesn't have a lot to do with maths. It's paperwork, interesting only in that I'm getting a view on what bureaucracy looks like from the inside. It's very peaceful compared to trying to learn a lot of mathematics at top speed, but if I thought I was going to have to do it for the rest of my life, I think I'd be a little depressed.

If I wasn't going after a PhD and academia, I'd probably look into something like training as an actuary -- that is to say, a fortune teller, only with much greater science and theoretically more chance of accuracy. Other obvious jobs would include meteorology (there's a lot of heavy fluid dynamics involved in predicting the weather) or statistics of some kind. Mathematical modelling has heaps of applications to research, too, if I wanted to go down that route. Plenty of people in research institutes and the like will pay somebody to do the tricky mathematical part.