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Saturday, 23 February 2008


Yesterday both my flatmates were away and I knew I was safely alone in the house for the night, and somehow as I was mucking around on the internet I realised there were lots of clips from Wicked on youtube. I saw said musical at the West End while I was in the UK last year, and while the story flags a bit in the second half, it's got an utterly superb central character -- gutsy and admirable, and requiring a powerful voice. It's brilliant, the way you end up totally gunning for her even as you can see her scary wicked witch image growing before your eyes (There's also an interesting commentary inherent in the storyline about the differing roles of activists and politicians in creating political change). So anyway, seeing as there was nobody else to mind the noise or think me silly, I sang along at full belt (with the proper technique to try to safeguard my throat, naturally) with a whole lot of videos like this one:

Damn, it was fun.


Anonymous said...

I read the book and wasn't too impressed. The author was clearly telling his own story for the first two-thirds of it, which was fairly interesting. Then he remembers he's supposed to be telling the story of the Wizard of Oz and abruptly switches tracks, which results in several strange deus ex machinas. Finally, in the last chapter, he just gives up and goes back to telling his own story, which means his conclusion differs in several important ways from the original story.

Still, I'd see the musical if I could get tickets. I doubt I can, however - I'm pretty sure it's sold out for months.

Lynet said...

Yeah, I got the impression from one of the people I saw it with who had read the book that they changed the storyline in the musical considerably. The end isn't as powerful as you feel it should be, but they have fun with the foreshadowing of the story you know already, and if your description is correct, it's probably more coherent.

Anonymous said...

Good clip. I haven't seen it, but I'm interested in doing so even if it's not the best musical in the world.

John Evo said...

I wanna see it.

Hey Lynet, if you are really daring you'll do a video of you singing along and post it. :)

Lynet said...

Alas! I lack the hardware. It might be possible to do a recording of me singing along, but that would leave out the arm gentures and dramatic facial expressions, which would sort of defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?

John Evo said...

answers are all around you!