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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Alphabet Meme

Alon hasn't tagged anyone - so I've just picked it up for myself.

Accent: New Zealand, overlaid by years of singing training.
Bible Book that I Like: Proverbs - except for all that stuff about believing in the Lord - and the stuff about how horrible loose women are... hmmm... maybe I should pick the Song of Solomon instead. It's cool how there's a part of the Bible that acknowledges the beauty of sex.
Chore I Don't Care For: No-one makes me do horrible chores at the moment. The worst I have to do is laundry - and that's usually a nice break from studying.
Dog or Cat: I left my cat Rosina behind when I left NZ to study in the UK. I miss her.
Essential Electronics: Laptop - what else?
Favourite Cologne: My least clued-in set of cousins gave me a set of two types of cologne once. I've had them for years, but on special occasions I'll sometimes wear one or the other. One smells of incense; the other one is more flowery.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Handbag: Black leather, fairly small.
Insomnia: My sleeping pattern gets out of joint very, very quickly. Sometimes I'm definitely an insomniac; occasionally I manage to get back into a decent pattern.
Job Title: Student.
Kids: None, thank goodness - though I'd like to have some when I'm older, assuming I'm that lucky.
Living Arrangements: You'd call the place I live a 'dorm' in America, I suppose.
Most admirable trait: Honesty.
Naughtiest Childhood Behaviour: Throwing huge noisy tantrums. Especially when I did it in a public place.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Don't think I've ever had one.
Phobias: A slight, but manageable, fear of small spaces - but it has to be pretty small before it bothers me.
Quote: All who believe in daffodils while the snow falls about them are leading uneasily beating lives, their rhythm is the lost note that cannot or will not join the chord because although it will gain security and strength from being with the other notes it will at the same time forget the sound of itself, and therefore it stays alone in strange hollow places where there is no other music. The loneliness is the price and the reward. - Janet Frame, in her story Snowman, Snowman.
Religion: Atheist.
Siblings: Three younger sisters.
Time I Wake Up: Variable. See Insomnia.
Unusual Talent or Skill: Learning. Mwahahaha.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Artichokes. Hate them.
Worst Trait: Well, I spend an awful lot of time fighting the urge to react to social insecurity by closing off from people. But I do manage to avoid that, most of the time.
X-Rays: One, when I broke my arm when I was four.
Yummy Stuff I Cook: I don't cook much, here, but I used to like cooking back home. I had a quiche recipe that always worked rather well...
Zoo Animal I Like Most: Meerkats.

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