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Saturday, 10 February 2007

Things are becoming clear.

More on a similar topic, because I'm still thinking about this 'objectification' thing, and my thoughts keep being refined.

Maia at Alas! A Blog gives an insightful commentary in which she states

There are many, many different ways women are taught that for us being sexual is being desired, rather than desiring.

Desired/desiring. Object/subject, grammatically speaking, and this is part of what 'objectification' means. Of course, there is also a link between 'objectification' and treating women as objects. The extent to which women are dehumanised - treated as objects - and the extent to which the idea of a woman being desired ends up eclipsing the idea of a woman desiring are both important issues, and they are to some extent related. However, I know very well that in the past I have confused myself by mistakenly conflating the two issues. Thanks, Maia. Things are becoming clear.

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